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Furnace Repair & Service

Winter in North Virginia sends most of us indoors seeking the comforting warmth from our gas furnaces. But when your furnace no longer keeps your home or business warm, it is time to call in our experienced repairs and service team.

Benefits of a Regularly Maintained Gas Furnace

  • Reduce your power consumption
  • Increase the life of your furnace
  • Improved safety of your home or business
  • Keeps your furnace warranty valid
  • Prevents furnace breakdowns

Lower Power Costs and Carbon Footprint

A furnace needs regular maintenance in order to work efficiently. A well serviced furnace will use less energy and save you money when it is working well. Choosing the right size furnace when installing a newer more energy efficient model is also vital; too big or too small and you will end up paying more in energy bills than the correct size model would cost you.

Increased Furnace Life Expectancy

Keeping your furnace in good working order by having repairs completed in a timely manner and following a regular service schedule can help increase the life span of your furnace. Our licensed repair technicians will make sure that any repairs are done correctly which will keep your furnace working well for longer, saving you the cost of replacing it earlier than should be necessary.

Gas Furnace Installation & Replacement

If your gas furnace is very old, beyond reasonable repair or simply very inefficient, then replacing it could be your best option.

AC Doc will inspect your home and advise you on the best size gas furnace for your needs. Modern furnaces have very high energy efficiency ratings and a new system could reduce your heating bills considerably.

Keep Your Home or Business Safe

Regularly checks of the gas valve, gas calibration and heat exchanger components of your furnace for leaks and damage will help keep your home or business safe during the colder months. Our service technicians can perform a safety inspection and will recommend a service schedule or any repairs that are needed on your furnace to help keep your family safe.

trouble shooting light on gas furnace

Trouble Shooting Advice

Most furnaces have some type of status light (red light in the picture) that will blink a flash code to help a technician with the trouble shooting process.

However once you turn the power on and off, it can reset that fault code. So we recommend customers check the fault code (count how many times the light flashes) to help us identify the problem prior to visiting you.

Some units have a short flash then long flash that gives a two digit code. Others just have one flash. If you tell us how many flashes you counted before resetting the system, it helps us with the troubleshooting process.

Ensure Your Warranty Remains Valid

Many furnace manufacturers require their furnaces to have a regular maintenance program in order to keep the warranty valid. Having small problems picked up and fixed when they are small can help save you from larger repair bills in the future. Our furnace service technicians can help organise regular services and repair work for you.

Prevents Unwelcome Breakdowns

Having your furnace in the best condition possible will make sure that it keeps working when you need it to. Avoid winter breakdowns and freezing indoor temperatures by having it regularly serviced by our knowledgeable furnace repair team.

Gas Furnace Repairs, Service & Installation

Having a gas furnace installed, serviced or repaired by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of service technicians will ensure your family are warm and safe throughout through our cold winter months in North Virginia.

dirty gas furnace filterDirty filters reduce efficiency.

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