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Heat Pump Repairs and Service

Heat Pumps are an incredibly energy efficient way at both warming and cooling your home. Rather than generating heat, a heat pump moves warm air from the outside into your home in winter to heat it. Then in summer, it moves the warm air out and the cool air in! Heat Pumps therefore use a little bit of energy to make a lot of heat, giving you great value for money.

Helpful Heat Pump Hints

In the winter months when we have snow or sleet it is very important to keep the heat pump clear of the snow and Ice. When snow or ice builds up on the fan blades it throws them out of balance and can damage the fan motor , blade and even the coils if the blade breaks off. If the snow or ice is to bad and the heat pump is making a lot of noise or shaking it is best to turn it to the Emergency Heat Mode on the Thermostat until the snow or ice melts. Keep in mind running the unit in the Emergency Heat mode does cost more to operate so you do not want to do this for a extended period of time.

Benefits Of A Regularly Serviced Heat Pump

  • Lower Your Energy Usage
  • Save On Repairs
  • Increased Heat Pump Lifespan
  • Peace Of Mind

Save On Energy Bills

In order to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal energy usage, it is vital that your heat pump receives a regularly scheduled maintenance check every year. By cleaning and adjusting the components of your heat pump, our service technicians will ensure that it consistently uses energy effectively to avoid you unnecessarily high energy bills.

Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump stops working or you are noticing it does not heat or cool as well as it used to, then give our experienced repair technicians a call. Not only will we diagnose and repair the problem quickly, but we can also identify areas which may require your attention in the near future.

Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

Of course the best way to prevent unnecessary heat pump repairs due to a lack of cleaning and maintenance is to have it regularly serviced. Many manufacturers recommend that their heat pumps are professionally serviced annually and our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help do that for you.

Keep Your Heat Pump Working Well For Longer

Installing a newer model heat pump can save you money on energy bills because as technology improves, appliances become more energy efficient.

However, a well maintained and regularly serviced heat pump can last you between 10-15 years. Let our team help increase the lifespan of your heat pump and save you the cost of a new model and installation by keeping it in good running order.

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Peace Of Mind

Relax in the warmth of your heat pump in winter or the coolness of its air conditioning feature during summer without any worries. Schedule a maintenance or service check with us now before any problems arise. We will not only ensure it is in excellent working order, but we will also identify any repairs which may need doing in the future and book a time to sort those out for you before your heat pump stops working.

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